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  1. And for games that are subject to the runtime fee, Unity devs will have the option to choose the lesser of two revenue sharing options based on self-reported figures – either 2.5 percent of revenue or “the calculated amount based on the number of new people engaging with your game each month.” One such engine that many players are pretty familiar with is Unity, an easy-to-use game development tool that has done a great job of making the act of making video games more accessible than ever before. It’s a deceptively simple engine that has actually helped quite a bit in the development of some truly impressive games! How does a small team create a nonlinear narrative game with full-motion video (FMV) – and deliver this high-scale, high-file-size experience to players on consoles, desktop, and mobile?
    This course reviews the basic principles, tools, and techniques used in computer applications that enable communication, visualization, access to information, learning and entertainment. Students learn the methods of designing, implementing and evaluating techniques for effective communication in a technical, business, education or entertainment context. The laboratory reinforces and expands learning of principles introduced in the lecture. Hands-on activities focus on experiencing and implementing concepts discussed in the lecture. Students create applications that communicate ideas efficiently and are easy to use. This is a writing intensive course. Prerequisites: CST-201, MAT-262, and (CST-217 or CST-341). Bring us your ambition. We will help you unleash it. At Quinnipiac, you will find the academic excellence and individualized support needed to thrive in today’s global marketplace. Our nationally recognized programs rank among the best in the country while our small class sizes allow you to form deep connections with your classmates and professors.