Science working model for class 7

Introduction of Lungs Working Model

In this project we will learn how to construct a lung model using common household items. Its an best Science working model for class 7 . Although they breathe for us, keeping us alive, the process is mostly involuntarily.Therefore, most of us don’t give much thought to these organs.

Material Used

  • empty 2-liter bottle
  • plastic bag (trash bag or thick grocery bag)
  • thick rubber band
  • balloon
  • drinking straw
  • masking tape
  • modeling clay
  • scissors
  • an adult to help

Detailed Video Show How To Make Lungs Working Model(Science working model for class 7)

Science working model for class 7

What Happened:

The contraption you built is a model of how your lungs school project work! The plastic at the bottom works like your diaphragm—a strong muscle that expands and contracts to cause your lungs to fill with air and then empty out again. The movement of the balloon matches your breathing – when you breathe in, your lungs fill with air just like the balloon did. That’s because the diaphragm expanded making room for air to get in through the straw (which represents your airway, or trachea). When you breathe out, your diaphragm contracts (or squeezes in) pushing all the air out of your lungs.

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